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Personal Profile


 Dr. Godwin Onuoha is a broadly trained social scientist with more than two decades of experience in critical social science and humanities research and practice. Dr. Onuoha has lived and worked in five countries across three continents. He has extensive research experience on broad questions of state and citizenship; culture, power and identity in the modern world; conflict resolution; memory and post-war conflict resolution; post-conflict peace, reconciliation and social justice; questions of genocide; self-determination, nationalism and identity politics; conflict, resources and development in Africa. He has demonstrated skills in independent in-depth research and analysis, excellent interpersonal and communication skills in a variety of working environments spanning five countries across three continents.

Over the years, Dr. Onuoha has provided expert witness accounts and written opinions on cases of persecution and discrimination based on political associations (including party politics, social and environmental activism), religion, ethnicity, identity and culture; as well as asylum cases, migration, human rights claims, human security issues, group and individual self-determination cases involving people fleeing from violence and conflict in Nigeria.

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